5 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing and Play Like a Pro

September 03,2018by Bobby Bishop

Golf is a beautiful game, but it can also be a frustrating one. There is no end to the tweaks and adjustments you can make. Fine tuning this aspect or that, the most important of which is your swing.

Many a golfer would happily tweak his swing to gain an extra ten or twenty yards off the tee or extra spin on their approach shots.

How can you improve your ailing swing? Keep reading for some killer tips on how to improve your golf swing, and turn it into something even the professionals would be proud of.

1. Balance is Crucial

Having a smooth and powerful swing all starts with balance. You don’t want to move your weight to either the balls of your feet or your heels. Doing that will cost you accuracy and distance.

Instead, focus on keeping your weight evenly distributed. Mastering this will give you that smooth gold swing.

Not to mention it will be easier to make smaller adjustments to really fine tune everything later on. This is one of the fundamentals of proper golf swing mechanics and is essential to focus your attention on first.

2. Full Body Synchronicity

When you start your backswing, you want to make sure your whole body is in synch. You don’t want to draw back with your hands first because that will open up your club face and put you in a bad position from the off.

Instead, work on making sure your whole body coils as one. Your arms, shoulders, and hands should move in a fluid unison.

This will help you maximize both rotation and coil in your swing and help ensure the clubface is square when making contact with the ball.

3. Work on Your Tempo

A killer golf swing is one that has a great natural tempo. How can you develop this?


Work on forming the perfect golf swing in slow motion first. Take the club back and count.

Backswing – one, two.

By two you should be at the top of your backswing and be starting to come down towards the ball.

Release that coiled tension, and as you reach three, you are striking the ball from the tee.

Keep this cadence in your head. One, two, three. Repeat it, and as you pick up your pace to a full speed swing, the same principle will carry over.

4. Keep Your Head Down

As golfers, we all want to see where our ball has gone. Not only to feel good when we see it sail down the fairway, get a good bounce and roll on, but also in case we shank it and have to frantically scour the skies in the hope of avoiding a penalty stroke.

However, if you want to improve your golf swing, you need to learn to keep your head down. Don’t look up until you have heard that sweet sound of the club-face and ball meeting.

5. Lower Your Hands for Extra Distance

When it comes to the science of the golf swing, if you are looking to gain some extra yards from the tee, there is a simple change you can make.

Keep your hands lower as you follow through after your strike.

By doing this, you are restricting the height of your follow through and effectively reducing the height of your shot. By keeping the ball lower, you are going to generate more distance.

Understanding How to Improve Your Golf Swing is Key to a Solid Game

When you improve your golf swing, you are changing the fundamental element of your game. This is not something that can be done overnight but takes time, and wi impact all other areas of your game.

Your swing is key to your game and while these tips are handy and practical, never lose sight of the individuality of your swing.

For more information and tips on improving your game, from tweaks and hints to equipment and more then check out some of our other posts.

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