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The Best Golf Balls For Bogey Golfers

July 24,2018by JP Skinner

Every golf bag has items essential to getting the best score. Whether it’s your clubs, your golf glove, or your beer of choice, all are necessary when it comes to grinding to become a well-oiled bogie golfer.

However, one of the most important items for shaving strokes off your scorecard is used every shot. I’m not talking about your new Nike Tiger Woods Dri-FIT polo or your brand spankin’ new club grips.

I’m talking about your golf ball.

It’s essential to your drive, chip, and putting experience on the golf course. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a golf ball that is customized to your swing?

Throughout this article, our goal is to inform you of the science of how golf balls are made, how different factors of the golf ball affect the spin and distance, and what we think are the best golf balls to fit the majority of swing types for the weekend hacker.

The Science of the Ball

It’s amazing the technology we have when it comes to golf gear today, especially when talking about fairway woods and the fact that they were once made out of ACTUAL wood.

When it comes to golf balls, there are three major elements that make up the golf ball. These are the dimples, core, and the cover.


Dimples are what effect the flight of the golf ball. Different sizes, shapes, and patterns affect the spin rate, stability, and distance.


The core is what affects the compression of the ball. Since golf balls transform their shape for a short time upon the impact of the club, higher compression balls are reserved for individuals with a faster swing speed, while lower compression balls are reserved for slower swing speeds.


The two main types of covers of golf balls are Surlyn and Urethane. Surlyn covers have the lowest spin and are more durable. Urethane offer better control and a softer feel, but are usually more expensive than Surlyn covers. (more info at Golf Galaxy)

What It Comes Down To

We can list off technical jargon like compression speed and core types all day long, but you’re trying to get to bogey golf. And because of that we know the only true statistic that matters: cost.

If you told me that Pro V1x’s would add 40 yards to my drive and give me more spin control on the greens, I would tell you to shut up. Literally none of that matters to the average golfer. Once I figure out how to hit my driver straight and when I can wrap my head around the physics of spinning a ball ( I’m supposed to hit down on the ball? What does that even mean!? Ahh! ) then I will consider using a nicer ball.

So that’s what we used when compiling our list.

Are some of these balls slightly better than others? Sure. But when it comes down to it, is a $4 ball going to make massive changes to your game that a $1 ball won’t? Probably not.

We scoured the internet to present you our list of the absolute best 5 golf ball deals out there for the everyday golfer. Enjoy!

5) Callaway Refurbished Golf Balls

Some look down on “refurbished” golf balls, but when it comes down to it they get the job done just as good. And hell, sometimes even better because you’re not worried about losing $4 with every swing. Want to try going for that par 5 in two but there’s a giant lake in front? Reach into your bag, grab a nice refurbished Callaway and launch that 50 cents straight into the middle of the lake, without regret.

$26.09 for 50

Price per ball: $0.52

Find on Amazon!


4) Taylor Made Recycled Mix Pack

Same goes for these recycled balls. This option is a mix pack, meaning you’ll get all different types of Taylor Made balls. Refurbished balls come cleaned and looking like they’re brand new. Remember, only you know that they are refurbished. As far as your friends know, money don’t mean a thing to you when you’re launching “$4 balls” into the woods!

$34.54 for 50

Price per ball: $0.71

Find on Amazon!


3) Top Flite XL Distance

This ball is about as affordable as you can get for a brand new golf ball. If you lose a lot of balls to the water or the woods, this golf ball is for you. But it comes down to what is better, a refurbished Callaway or a new Top Flite. If you ever come up with the answer, we’d love to know.

$20.44 for 18

Price per ball: $1.13

Find on Amazon!


2) Srixon Soft Feel

This ball is next in line for affordable, but instead of distance, allows for a nice, soft feel which as we know helps with backspin.

“The new soft feel cover features the 324 speed dimple pattern, which combines greater uniformity of dimple design with better surface coverage.”- Direct Quote from Amazon Website so it’s gotta be official.

$19.99 for 12

Price per ball: $1.66

Find on Amazon!


1) Vice Pro

We put this ball on our list because if you play golf then this company is probably all over your Facebook news feed. Vice is making a splash in the golf ball market by advertising more affordable golf balls with high quality components. The Vice Pro model is said to be comparable to a Titleiest Pro V1x but at a much more affordable price. Are we saying the average bogey golfer needs to exclusively play with Vice? Or course not. But save a couple sleeves of these for your annual golf trip when you need to impress the buddies.

$34.99 for 12

Price per ball: $2.91

Find on Amazon!


That about wraps up our golf ball talk. Do you have a better golf ball selection? Do you think my selections are stupid? Let us know in the comments below!

Check back with Eagle Vision Golf for more up to date news and articles in regards to the everyday golfer!

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