Golf Prices On Par?

December 22,2017by Bobby Bishop

Prices on Par?

Golf is a sport synonymous with country clubs, luxury watches and imported cigars. Golf can get expensive quick but it’s your passion. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably just stopped paying attention to how much that tee time actually cost. But today we’re asking, is golf really that expensive?

Today we’re going to be taking an in depth look at just how expensive this hobby is.  So the next time your significant other calls you out for golfing two consecutive weekends, send her this link.  

Let’s take a look how much golf really costs…

Golf Clubs

You obviously can’t play golf without golf clubs. A quick Amazon search shows me I can buy a brand-new “Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set (16-piece)” for $149.99. I’ve also found a used 10 club Callaway set on Craiglist for sale at a local pawn shop for $49.99. You can argue with me and say these aren’t the best golf clubs in the world, but if you really want to start playing golf or desperately need clubs these will certainly do.

About six years ago the Callaway set would cost you around four-hundred dollars and they’re actually a really respectable set, so I’ll take them over the new Wilsons.

Cost: $49.99

Golf Balls & Tees

Walmart, Amazon and eBay are your best friends here. On eBay you might be able to find generic golf balls for less than a nickel each, but that’s hit or miss. Amazon and Walmart offer a “Wilson Titanium 18-pack” for $9.97. Walmart offers a mixed bag of used Callaway balls where you’ll get around twenty balls for $6.60. I’ve also found a package of one-hundred tees on Amazon for $4.99. Let’s go with two of the Callaway bags and be prepared to scoop some balls out of the lake to make these last as long as possible.

Cost: $18.19


A glove will run you at least $9.99. A nice Nike golf shirt will set you back $59.99 and for some khaki pants, $29.99. The good news here is none of this is necessary no matter what those flashy Nike commercials tell you. If you’ve got tennis shoes, a collared shirt and some shorts at home I know hundreds of golf clubs that will be more than happy to let you play on their course. No need here for a trip down the golf apparel aisle.

Cost: $0.00

For $68.18 you have purchased everything necessary to play golf. Even if you manage to lose all forty golf balls and break every club you own in four quick months you will only have invested $17.05 a month to get onto a golf course. $17.05 hardly covers the cost of a movie ticket. Hows that for perspective?

But obviously the expenses don’t just stop there. You actually need to play golf now.

Tee Times

The cost of a tee time is of course largely dependent on where you live, the season as well as what time and day you want to play. After a quick search online I was able to book a tee-time for myself on a Saturday in February at noon for $19.00. After taxes and fees I’ll be paying $23.73.

If the average round of golf takes approximately three hours to complete you’re paying $7.91 an hour. $7.91! What else can you do for fun for less than $8 an hour?

Total Cost

At the end of your very first round of golf you’ve spent a grand total of about $91.91 or $30.63 for each hour spent golfing. $30.63 is a lot for an hour of fun, but that’s only half the story.

Let’s say you’re not totally reckless and forty balls and a set of used golf clubs lasts you six months:

  • Equipment: $68.18
  • Tee times (Twice monthly x 6): $300.00
  • Food & Drink: $0.00. You ate before you played and brought a water bottle, right?

After six months or 36 hours of golfing you will have spent: $368.18 or $10.22 each hour of golf and that number only decreases the longer you make your equipment last.

Playing golf is buying fun in bulk. At first the number may look large and expensive, but in reality you are getting a lot for you money.

And remember, when looking for courses to play near you, check out our free golf course flyovers and stay up to date on all golf news by checking back in here at Eagle Vision Golf!

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