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How to Apply for the 2019 Masters: Lottery Tickets

April 30,2018by JP Skinner

The lottery. Anyone who plays it dreams of hitting it big.

Whether it’s the Powerball or the Mega Millions, many daydream of sitting on a tropical island sipping on a fruity drink with an umbrella in it. The thought of retiring and doing nothing sounds like pure bliss, and often makes you daze off from your work computer.

But since this is a website dedicated to providing aerial footage of golf courses, it makes more sense to talk about a golf lottery. And not just any golf lottery. A golf lottery to end all golf lotteries.

You guessed it. It’s the Masters Ticket lottery (Did the title give it away?).

Every year people enter with hope they’ll be selected to win tickets for the practice rounds, or even better, the Masters Tournament itself. These tickets are reasonably priced, but you have a better shot of getting seated next to Tiger Woods on a flight to Thailand than you do of winning these tickets.

Here at Eagle Vision Golf, we want to give you the easy steps on how to register for the lottery. Follow our instructions and you should be entered into the lottery, and hopefully, you can be one of the lucky few!

Register at the Website

Fortunately, Augusta National has made it super simple to register for the lottery. All you have to do is go to: https://tickets.masters.com and make an account. You’ll have to verify an email address and once you do that, the wait is on.

Registration is open the entire month of May, so while you have some time, don’t get lazy and forget. Registration closes May 31st!

Wait for an Email

Once they notify you that the lottery is open, you simply fill out the form requesting what tickets you want. These vary from which days you want to go to Augusta National. The prices are very reasonable compared to getting them from third party ticket sellers.

Pray to the Golf Gods

Sadly, once you register, it’s out of your hands. I for one love to drink Arnold Palmers in excess till my eyes start popping out of my head.

There are stories of golfers making a sacrifice to the golf gods. Some deliberately hit their brand new Titleist Pro V1’s into the water at their local golf club. Other’s pay tribute by snapping their favorite club over their knee.

Whatever your ritual, we hope that you get the tickets you applied for. And if you happen to have an extra one, maybe drop us a line on our contact page! Not because we want to attend the most prestigious golfing event in the world, but because we’re in desperate need of an authentic Masters bucket hat, I mean how cool are those things?

Remember, along with being a fun website to read about the latest golf news, we excel at high-quality, aerial flyovers of golf courses across the state of Florida. If you have a golf course you’d like aerial footage for, don’t hesitate to contact us about doing a free flyover!

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