Improve Your Golf Game with the Best Golf Tech

August 20,2018by Bobby Bishop

They say practice makes perfect. In the world of golf, though, practice is only one part of perfection!

Golf technology is constantly changing and evolving. And by using better golf tech, you can evolve your own golf game.

But which tech is a hit and which is a miss? Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide!

Golf Analytics

In the world of websites, analytics are a key way of improving your results from month to month. But what if you could extend that to your golf game?

Newer technology in golf allows you to screw lightweight tags to the butt of your club. The tag helps capture data about your swing which you can then view and unpack using specialized apps.

This data lets you track everything from fairway accuracy to shot dispersion. It’s up to you: just pick some aspect of your swing and use the data to get better, swing by swing.

Your Swing and Your Hips

Of course, there are other golf swing analytics you might be interested in. And there is other golf technology to put that data in your hand, quite literally!

Newer tech allows you to clip a monitor to your golfing glove. In conjunction with smartphone-friendly apps, this monitor helps analyze things like swing temp, club speed, and swing path.

As an added bonus, you can remove the monitor from your glove and clip it onto your pocket to get info about your hip rotation when you swing the club!

Driving for Distance

So far, we’ve focused on golf technology that is very versatile. These gadgets and apps can help you to improve your game in a number of ways.

But what if you only care about something specific, like improving your drive? Don’t worry: there’s still some tech made just for you!

Certain tech is built into drivers that you can screw onto your club. And this tech focuses on only two crucial things: your driving distance and your driving accuracy.

This is a nice and simple way of using technology to improve your swing. And it’s a good way to ease into the world of using more golf gadgets over time.

Maps and Apps

In the world of golf technology, you don’t always need to improve your swing. Sometimes, it’s enough just to have some important info at your fingertips!

Some of the same companies that make GPS technology for your car also make golf mapping technology that goes on your wrist like a watch.

With a couple of buttons, you can pull up maps for thousands of different golf courses. And you can zoom right in on each one, allowing you to plan your next swing very carefully.

We all know knowledge is power. And this particular knowledge will help you master each course!

Golf Tech: The Bottom Line

Now you know some of the best golf tech to help improve your game. But how well do you know your favorite courses?

At Eagle Vision Golf, we create amazing drone flyover videos of golf courses. Come learn more about us and how we can give you a “bird’s eye” view of your favorite course!

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