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November 27,2017by Bobby Bishop

Welcome to the first post in the newly official Eagle Vision Golf blog!

The topics are simple: golf and drones.

They are by far the two things that we know best and that’s what we plan on bring to you guys on a twice a week basis. We have a diverse selection of writers contributing to our array of topics, lets take a look:

Bobby Bishop – Not only is he good at flying drones and editing video, he also has the writing skills of a middle-of-the-pack college sophomore. Often times his sarcasm fails to come through text with the punch line being not nearly as funny to others as it was to him. Bobby has his Masters in Digital Journalism and Design from the University of South Florida and will be coving all things drone and a little bit of golf.

JP Skinner – If his passion for writing turns out to be as strong as his insistence on not golfing sober, we’re in for a serious treat this year. JP’s been on the never-ending trek towards scratch golf since childhood but hit a speed bump at age 21. Between his golf rounds he obtained an English Writing degree from Florida State University and will play an integral role in our blog covering all things golf including new equipment, the PGA tour, and of course the 2017 Speith/Fowler spring break.

Katie Finneran – Katie Fineran, or I should say soon to be Katie Conner, has mastered the game of golf at a young age. She’s the annoying friend we all have that golfs less than most of us but still kicks our behind every round. Katie studied Speech and Language Pathology at the University of South Florida and currently works in the field in South Bend, Indiana. When she’s not helping out the kiddos, you can find her at Morris Park Country Club lighting up the fairways. Katie will be writing about a wide array of golf topics including tips and tricks, the PGA Tour, and what it’s like belonging to a country club as a millennial.

Olivia Yodice – While Olivia may be the least experienced golfer out of the writers, she will be shining light on a vital perspective: what it’s like to date a bad golfer. Yes, she is in fact the lucky lady who gets to call Bobby Bishop her own. (did the sarcasm come through on that one?) She has picked up the game in recent months but still gets the task of consoling Bobby on his double and triple bogeys. She studied Studio Art at the University of South Florida and currently has her own company where she up-cycles and reimagines vintage furniture. We look forward to her perspective on the game!

Sean Byrne – While he’s probably our writer with the most potential to be a great golfer, (for the guys that is; Katie has us all beat) Sean is the friend we all have who attempts shots way over his head. Whether it’s insisting he take a divot on his 20 yard chip shot or feeling let down if his ball goes straight instead of his pretty draw, he’s sure to make the game more complicated than it has to be. With his recent fondness of fake news, we’re going to do our best to wean him off that but there’s no telling which direction this wild card is headed.

Brian Nemes – I saved Brian for last because he is our first Intern at Eagle Vision Golf. He studied Marketing at the University of Central Florida and has been golfing for a couple years now. He is a multi threat marketing beast and has played a pivotal role in taking EVG to the next level. One day his golf skills will catch up to his marketing skills, but for now he’s writing about the new era of golf and the struggles of being a new drone owner.

There you have it, those are our seven writers that will bring you the latest and greatest in everything golf and drone related. We plan to publish twice a week and encourage social media interaction and engagement.

We are always looking for new writers, if you or someone you know might be interested in contributing, please shoot us an email.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy our new tradition!

For more info on golf courses, up to date golf news, and just all around fun golf talk, check back here at Eagle Vision Golf!

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