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When is it appropriate to play music on a golf course?

July 14,2018by JP Skinner

Golf, for some, can be a monthly treat. Whether you’re working 80+ hours a week, starting a new career, or have little rascals you cart around town to soccer practice, setting aside time to golf can become work.

That’s why when you tee off, you want a controlled setting. Four to five hours away from work is a nice treat, and any distractions from your golf game are unacceptable.

Nothing can ruin a golf game more than a group of rowdy, music blasting, group of degenerates.

That’s why here at Eagle Vision, we want to give you the ins and outs of when it’s appropriate to play music on the golf course. No one wants to be “that” person on the golf course.


Play Music Accordingly

Music can make or break a golf round for some golfers. Happy Gilmore wants a louder crowd when he tees off, while Shooter McGavin wants it quiet when he putts.

Every golfer is different in this aspect. When playing with your foursome, make sure you know them, and whether or not they enjoy a background noise in their backswing.

Golf Weekend

Most golf weekends are meant to be a party. Partying brings on the music.

Whether you’re shotgunning beers, ripping shots of Tito’s, or just sipping on a nice IPA, music is a must. Jamming out to your favorite tunes can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey. If you need help deciding the best speaker to propel your weekend into golf bliss, take a look at our golf cart bluetooth speaker guide.


Play Near the Clubhouse

This can be the stupidest and quickest way to get kicked off a golf course. Teeing off to a pump up jam in front of the starter is basically saying “hey starter, I’m going to make the next four to five hours of your life a living hell. Get ready for people to call the clubhouse and complain about us.”

If there is anything you don’t want the golf course to know about, you should probably wait until the second tee, or until you’re out of sight of the clubhouse, to do it.

Play Near Other Groups

This is just a cautionary courtesy. You never know if the groups surrounding you are Happy golfers or Shooter golfers.

Better to play it safe than get kicked off the course.

Play Music Near The Ranger

This is second to, if not tied with, the dumbest thing you can do on the golf course when it comes to music playing. The Ranger’s job is to keep the pace of play going while policing the course.

You never know if the Ranger will be a chill old dude who can barely hear, or an uptight middle-aged person with nothing better to do than give you a hard time.

Play Music on Nice Courses

If you are paying in the triple digits or more for a round of golf, chances are you want to take in the sights instead of blasting Nelly.

Put the Country Grammar on hold at the Country Club, and tip your caddie the appropriate amount for lugging around your bag.

We hope this list gives you an inside look at what to do/ not do when it comes to playing music on a golf course. If you already do all of these things, good for you, and keep doing it. Curious about the best speakers for golfers? Check out our list of the best speakers for golfers!

For more info on golf courses to play, up to date golf news, and just all around fun golf talk, check back here at Eagle Vision Golf!

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