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6 Must Have Golf Gadgets Every Rowdy Golfer Needs

May 09,2018by Bobby Bishop

It’s the weekend you’ve been looking forward to for months. The one where there are no rules, and all you have are your clubs and a slight lack of dignity.

It’s your annual golf weekend with your buds (friends, not the beers. Well, maybe both.), and it’s time to get your game on. You’ve got a grueling schedule of multiple rounds of golf, steak dinners, and hungover breakfast burritos awaiting you.

Rory McIlroy may have said there needs to be less drinking from the fans in golf. Guess what Rory? Not everyone is good enough to play golf for a living, so we have to self medicate with back to back shotguns on the second and third tee (because only amateurs shotgun in front of the starter).

Here at Eagle Vision Golf, we want to help you prepare for this special occasion so we’ve compiled a list of items that will aid in your intoxication.

Just for a disclaimer, always drink responsibly. Don’t be the guy who drives his golf cart into a lake or runs over his playing partner while in his backswing.

Shotgun Tool Divot Fixer

“Anyone have a key?”

“Why would I have a key? We aren’t driving our cars you idiot.”

Shotgunning beer goes hand and hand with golf outings as much as John Daly goes hand and hand with Hooters Girls. Don’t be forced to use a golf tee to puncture the can, always come prepared.

Get this multi-tool to aid you in your adventure into divot fixing buzzed bliss.

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Best Feautures:
– A pocket organizer for golfers
– Incorporates a ball marker, divot tool, cigar holder, club head cleaner, golf grip saver and shotgun opener
– A multi-functional golf gadget

6 Can Sleeve Cooler

It’s always a little tricky sneaking beers onto a golf course. Do you load ’em up in your golf bag? Do you hide them in bushes on hole 6? Do you possibly, even…consider the thought…of buying beer? It’s one of life’s hardest decisions, and we’re here to make it a little easier for you.

This badass cooler stacks up to 6 cans vertically so you can slide the cooler in with your clubs. It’s always a little awkward when the starter picks up your bag and there’s 8 pounds of beer bulging out of the left pocket. Now your beverages will be evenly distributed throughout the bag and less likely to draw attention from that cranky starter.

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Best Feautures:
– 6-pack Insulated Tube Cooler with one main zipper and zipper on top end for easy access
– Nylon adjustable shoulder strap
– Perfect for soccer, golf or any other outdoor activity.
– Size : 28″ W x 3″ H

Super Insulated Beer Can Coozie

While you’re usually encouraged to finish your beer as fast as possible, sometimes you want to enjoy a nice IPA or stout. This RTIC Stainless Steel Coozie will keep your beer cold well past any of the cheap foam ones they hand out at PGA events.

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Best Feautures:
– Double wall vacuum insulation – maximum temperature retention & insulates Hands from the cold
– Keeps ice Longer – holds ice for up to 24 hours
– 18/8 stainless steel – strong stainless steel construction
– Narrow and tall design. Easy grip base. No sweat exterior

Range Finder Magnetic Case

If you’re still standing after the shotgun’s and liquor drinks, you’re a champion. But let’s be honest, gauging the distance to the green won’t be getting any easier.

You’re probably going to need a little help from technology at this point, so grab your range finder. However, handling that expensive gadget at this blood alcohol level can be a little risky. The Monument Golfer Range Finder Magnetic Case is all you need to save a mid-hole catastrophe.

The magnetic case allows for easy mounting to the any metal components of the golf cart and if it does happen to slip out of your hand, the case provides great protection. It’s a no brainer!


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Best Feautures:
– Increased accessibility to the rangefinder from shot to shot
– Provides an added layer of protection that reduces the wear and tear on the rangefinder itself
– The magnet strength is strong enough to withstand severe bumps, sharp turns and sudden stops
– A great alternative to getting tossed in cart cubbies or drink holders

Driver Head Drink Dispenser

By now, maybe you’ve had enough of beer. It’s time to pull out the big dawg…

And by big dawg I don’t mean your actual driver. This battery operated pump allows you to disguise your liquor so the cranky starter won’t bat an eye. Just press the button and let the good times flow.


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Best Feautures:
– The thermal insulated container rated to keep your beverages hot or cold for up to 5 hours.
– A fantastic alternative to the beverage cart
– No pumping required. This is a sleek, ingenious design allows your beverage to be dispensed at a push of a button.
– The spout is disguised as an actual number 1 driver, which is also where the button is located to easily dispense your much needed beverage

Cooler Golf Bag

Let’s build from the ground up. The golf bag is essential to carrying all of your tools for a quality round of golf.

This bad boy has a built in cooler that can fit six beers in it. It’s only for golf carts, but let’s be honest. Your lazy self isn’t walking the course on this golf outing.


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Best Feautures:
– 15-Way top with full-length individual dividers
– 9 total pockets provide ample storage including two large side accessory pockets, an oversized ball pocket and a fleece lined valuables pocket
– Removable insulated cooler bag holds six 12-ounce cans
– Soft-grip oversized putter well for oversized grips

You’re all set. Besides ordering food from the bartender at the turn, or stashing honey roasted peanuts in your bag, this list can assist you from your first hole to your last.

While we love to poke fun at the rowdy side of golf, remember we provide free golf course flyovers around the country so you can preview courses before you play. To read more fun blog posts and info regarding golf and other topics, check out all our posts at blog.eaglevisiongolf.com.

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