It’s Time We Get Over Our Fear Of Drones

January 06,2018by Bobby Bishop

“If I ever see one of those things flying anywhere near my house, I’m pulling out my shotgun,” said every other bystander ever watching me fly.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that, we wouldn’t need ads on this website.

In high school we couldn’t leave campus for lunch because the seniors kept cutting class.  As a bartender patrons couldn’t buy us drinks because the drink slingers who came before me kept getting drunk on the job.   At my first salaried position I had to clock in because the morons in management kept arriving late and leaving early. Since the dawn of time, there has always been a select few that have ruined things for others and that same exact thing has happened with drones.  

It all started a couple years back with privacy.  It took a handful of drone operators (or maybe it was the same one guy) to fly up to the 23rd story of a New York City high-rise and commence the uproar in privacy issues.  Privacy is a delicate subject and it’s something that everyone takes very seriously, especially in the United States.

Then it turned into a matter of public safety.  It took one hillbilly with way too much time on his hands to mount a shotgun underneath his drone and post it to the internet to start the next chapter of fear.  It put things in perspective and was absolutely terrifying thinking of the terrible things people could do with a drone.

Right around the time that video went viral is when everyone and their mother started buying drones.  The roar of high pitch buzzing in city parks and videos of drones falling out of the skies quickly turned the public against them.  For goodness sakes, it’s actually risque to refer to them as drones now! But that’s what they are, and that’s what we’re going to call them.  

So the FAA did what the FAA had to do making every drone owner register their equipment.  It requires pilots to write their registration number on their drone so if they happen break the law, crash, or hit someone the FAA can now hold them accountable. Now drone pilots can’t simply run away after they accidentally crash their drone over restricted airspace.  

Even with these added regulations, there is still a general disdain towards drones and drone pilots. It’s time we start looking at the positive here.  They have opened up the door to an immense amount of opportunity. There are farmers using them to fertilize their crops. Personal investigators using them to solve crimes.  Golf course maintenance crews using them to fix irrigation issues. News stations flying them instead of sending the chopper up. Realtors using them to showcase houses. The list goes on and on.

So yes, there has been a select few that have tainted the reputation of drones but it’s time we start seeing how valuable they are.  The FAA recently came out with a new set of rules that further tests drone pilots in order to legally fly and operate within proper airspace.  The laws are quickly catching up with future of drone flight, and it’s time our outlooks do too.

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