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The PGA Offseason: What Are The Golfers Up To?

January 16,2018by JP Skinner

While the PGA does have an official offseason of about a week, we all know what the real offseason is. That’s the period of time, from the end of either the President’s Cup, or the Ryder Cup, until the Masters the following year.

While there are plenty of tournaments in between, golf doesn’t feel the same until Jim Nantz welcomes you back to Augusta National. This article is pure speculation of what your favorite golfers will be doing in this time period.

 1) Justin Thomas

Our recent FedEx Cup champ will most likely enjoy the fact his alma mater is crushing it in football. If I were him, I was definitely in attendance at the national championship game in Atlanta to watch Alabama’s freshman quarterback Tagovailoa throw the game winning bomb against The Georgia Bull Dogs. Thomas might have even stopped in to enjoy a celebratory duet with the start quarterback.  

2) Jordan Spieth and Matt Kuchar

While both rip on each other for their hair, they really need to get that taken care of. Take some of your tour earnings and pull the trigger. It’s time guys.  There are alot of treatments out there. Let’s fix that hairline issue. Or better yet, just do a joint commercial for Bosley.

3) Tiger Woods

While there are a whole lot of things were concerned with Tiger and the offseason, we just really don’t want him to injure himself again.  We enjoyed your comeback, and you got us all excited! Like really excited. I have dreams of Tiger walking into Amen’s Corner tied for the lead.  So take all your Call of Duty play time and put it towards healing that back you broke for over two decades. Please.

4) Jason Day and Rory McIlroy

I just can’t help but to picture these two having a nice international retreat together. It’s like when Jordan, Ricky, Justin, and Smylie went to the Bahamas to play golf barefoot, jump off yachts, and do Konica Minolta Swing Vision Cam impersonations. Except with these two it’s possibly a nice yoga retreat in Bali or a week long workout session in Hawaii.  Why am I getting this vibe? I don’t know, it’s just my gut.

5) Rickie Fowler

If I was Rickie, I would be going to as many public events with my girlfriend Allison Stokke. Hit up a Chick Fil A, bring the girlfriend. Going to watch a football game at OSU, bring her along. Heading down to the studio to shoot more Rolex and Mercedes commercials, bring the lady with you.  Make sure everyone knows your dating the super awesome pole vaulter we all first learned about years ago.

6) John Daly

I saved the best for last. “Long John Wild Thing” Daly is an anomaly. He’s a wild card for a reason. I have no idea what he’s going to do next. Will he tee off of a beer can held by a former president? Does he grow out his hair into another mullet? Or is he just sitting around with is feet up enjoying several of his own cocktails, the ever delicious John Daily.  It’s a play off the Arnold Palmer with the added ingredients of Triple Sec and Vodka. Anyways, Here’s to hoping he’s around for as long as he can hurl clubs off cliffs.

Can we be certain that’s what they’re doing? Probably not. But we like to think it’s pretty darn close!

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