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Will Tiger Woods Ever Win Again?

May 23,2018by Bobby Bishop

Tiger Woods has lived quite the life. At age 42, he’s accomplished more than most would hope to in a lifetime of golf.

14 majors, countless sponsors, and everyone remembers his shot on the 16th hole at the 2005 Masters.

He’s also hit a couple of bumps along the way, but that is not what this article is about. This article is about his health, the 2018 season accomplishments he’s achieved, and why we think he’s on an positive path to another PGA Tour win.

His Health

After looking back on Tiger’s surgeries and how many times he’s had to withdraw from an event due to health issues, I’m surprised he’s not more machine than human by now.

Boy how we’d like to never see this again.

The Golf Channel has a detailed timeline of his withdrawals from tournaments and the reasons why. It also includes the types of injuries and surgeries he’s had since December of 2002.

From the looks of every round of golf he’s played this year, his golf game is moving in an upward motion. Pending his back and health status, we’re hopeful his 2018 has the potential to be great.

His Game

So far, in the 2018 season, Tiger has made great strides in his PGA career comeback. Watching Tiger play this year is bringing back memories from when they named a video game after him.

Out of the nine starts he’s had, he’s finished in the Top Ten three times (Hero World Challenge, Valspar Championship, and Arnold Palmer Invitational).

The courses he’s played so far are difficult courses too. From the Bear Trap to the Snake Pit, he’s displayed his own type of talent when it comes to his ball striking and ball placement.

His execution has been persistent, and his driving is averaging over 300 yards after The Players Championship. That puts him at 27 on the list, and he’s 42 years old!

Can we please see this again!?

His putting average is 60th overall at 1.761, which is not the greatest, but it is working. He’s draining putts from long distances, and looking like the old Tiger we know and love.

His Future

Tiger’s future in the game of golf, while uncertain, is heading in the right direction. As previously explained, his golf game this year has shown his potential.

It’s nerve-racking to think that we’ll never know when the next injury is coming or when the next caddie switch is just around the corner.

However, with what we’ve seen this year, as long as he stays healthy, there is no reason he cannot win a tournament or two. He has all the necessary equipment, and the right people around him to help him succeed at the game.

As for winning another major, that is a great question. Here at Eagle Vision Golf, we like to think positive, so yes, we do think it’s possible. Do we see it happening soon? Probably not, but you better believe we’ll be cheering him on hard every Thursday through Sunday.

The long answer is that winning one of the four majors is a task that requires you to be on your game at every level. It’s going to take some more time for Tiger to get back to winning four of these in a row. But I guess if there is anyone to do it, it would be Tiger.

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